Trepidation and fear of oneself



Can we call it as an unpleasant emotion, a turbulence that affect our life to great extent?

While sitting at my desk I suddenly started thinking why sometimes I feared of the things that has not happened yet.

Why I am giving space to the things which is never going to stay. Why I am feeling that this fear will detach me from everyone with whom I am attached or close.

Why I am having this obscure feeling?

I afterthought that, from the past 2-3 months I was having such intuitions.

Why this fear let me down even though I am not weak. Why I am always wreaked?

After going deep into the fact I realized it was not fear it was just false thought, an illusion which is created by myself. It was just something which is taking my happiness. I tried to be happy but because of such bad feeling I am not able to recognize my true happiness.


Then I conclude,

The best way to avoid such fear in life is:-

  • Always try to be happy. Try to do things which will please you.
  • Avoid negativity in your life. It may be people who always want to let you down.(Negative people who always see things in negative aspect).
  • Surround yourself with the people who makes you happy.
  • Fall in love with yourself, nature. It will always please you and will always bring some positive vibe.
  • Spend some time with yourself.


There are some famous sayings,

“When you move beyond fear, you feel free”

Which means?

You have to let go of your fear, and shift your focus from what goes wrong to what will go right and then only you will be able to give your 100%.

“The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese”

Don’t hold on to things in your life when change happens that will only waste your time, energy and you will feel disappointed. Instead quickly take an action to move on and again make yourself busy in searching of new cheese.


A quote from my side,

“Happy is the person who always tries to find happiness in small things rather than finding in big things”.


Published by: vintage_bhavya

I am an Engineer by profession,. I am an art lover loves to paint, read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books. I love to spend my time writing scribbles, poems, doodling with words whenever and wherever I can. I am also a MUSICOPHILE. Music is something which I enjoy all the time. It brings positive vibes to work. I enjoy spending my me time mostly reading books, eating chocolates and of course watching Netflix :p. My kind of writing mostly include poems, scribble, short verse. So that's me :) Happy reading!!

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7 thoughts on “Trepidation and fear of oneself”

    1. thanks for your lovely comment..U said right..but sometimes dream can be scary also, thinking that just a dream we should not focus on that too much.


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