The happiness you gave me can’t be compared to the aches of my broken dream.

What went wrong that you depart?

I keep asking myself was that my fault!

Or simply a mystery which will not be going to resolve,

It was a fancy world to be with you?

But, soon it becomes a nasty dream,

Just to follow up with you.

Lost in the echo of the words you say,

Never thought your words will ever going to stay.

It was once very easy to read your cranky mind,

Now it became so hard to spare bare time.

Thought our trust was like a mirror,

Reflecting true image what we want to see,

But, soon it got broken,


With many cracks in its reflection,

Which will never go to be same again?

I was shattered, I was lost,

I became empty frost.

The turbulence in my mind was once a destructive part.

Because the promise you kept was never going to last!






Published by: vintage_bhavya

I am an Engineer by profession,. I am an art lover loves to paint, read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books. I love to spend my time writing scribbles, poems, doodling with words whenever and wherever I can. I am also a MUSICOPHILE. Music is something which I enjoy all the time. It brings positive vibes to work. I enjoy spending my me time mostly reading books, eating chocolates and of course watching Netflix :p. My kind of writing mostly include poems, scribble, short verse. So that's me :) Happy reading!!

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