Is writing really a Chaos??


Haven’t u come across questions, or anyone have asked you,’Hey! How did you find time for writing’?, ‘How you are writing’?, ‘How you get ideas’? ‘Isn’t it boring’?

 Number of questions altogether fired onto your head and you started to think,



Ummmm,, I would say no, It’s definitely not easy unless and until you are interested in doing so.

It’s pitiable and genuine when you are not interested in doing things and you are asked to do forcefully, just like that with writing if you don’t show interest you can’t write a single sentence even if  you know the language. It’s more about what you feel and what you think. Everyone is wishes to write but they stumble upon the topic they have chosen, they get ideas but couldn’t figure out with what words to use, connective sentence, phrasing them.


 Sometimes sitting on chair, pen and paper in hand, with lots of thought but still  dumbstruck from where to start, what to write.

What I feel is whatever is coming to your mind just pour your heart out, it can be anything, I emphasize on the word ‘anything’ and then picturize the scenario, how it should be, its not that technical or mathematics or any calculation required ,its  just simple because its from your heart, from your picturesque, completly your thoughts, and your perception.

It will not just come at once, you need to do practice, practice along with reading,it will be a great combination. Writing involves a state of concentration, it can be grouchy when you are picturising or expecting something in return you end up with nothing. Never be dissapoint if you are fail to do so. Just start from few lines, about anything, then slowly increase your pace.

It’s also not like that we have to write all the time, whenever you feel like writing then only go for it, any place, anywhere, who knows you will come up with great stories. For me I like to write in open space, calm, silence, peace to open up my mind with soothing music or  at midnight. But, this is totally my way, choose yours where ever you feel like any place of your choice, cafe, open space, garden, terrace etc etc.

Writing is just a joy that make up things accordingly. When you start writing you will unlock few other things which you have never thought. Write it as if you are reading it that way you will enjoy the pleasure of both reading as well as writing.

Hope I would have cleared that writing is not a CHAOS it’s a thought from mind and soul.

Keep going and Happy writing folks!! 🙂


Published by: vintage_bhavya

I am an Engineer by profession,. I am an art lover loves to paint, read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books. I love to spend my time writing scribbles, poems, doodling with words whenever and wherever I can. I am also a MUSICOPHILE. Music is something which I enjoy all the time. It brings positive vibes to work. I enjoy spending my me time mostly reading books, eating chocolates and of course watching Netflix :p. My kind of writing mostly include poems, scribble, short verse. So that's me :) Happy reading!!

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