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I am honored and excited to say that I have been nominated for the Sunshine blogger award  by HardipIt’s really very nice of him that he thinks I’m suitable for this award that brings sunshine :p


Please go through his blog posts. He writes amazing book reviews. He had a bunch of reading collections. He reads a lot about mystery, thrills. Apart from reading books, he has a keen interest in watching mysterious shows as well.

Also, he loves ALOO PARATHA :p

Check out his blog posts @


Thank the blogger who nominated you by linking their blog.

Answer the questions.

Nominate 11 blogs with 11 questions.

List the rules as well as display the Sunshine Award Logo on your post.

Questions which he asked  are as answered below,

1) Who’s your favorite book villain and why?

Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter series) because the character is so well cast and beautifully picturized. His obsession with blood purity, the spell of the witch and the mystery was incredible. He was the leader of the death eaters. After Harry Potter, I didn’t read as many books of a villain but I do like novels by Sydney Sheldon. Conspiracy, piracy thrill.

2) What made you decide to start your blog?

I never thought of writing, it’s never been my cup of tea, though I like to read a lot fictitious and not-fictitious books from my childhood, My curiosity  takes another form when I started using an app called WattPad and there I saw numerous wonderful unpublished writings so from that I got an idea and wrote one poem on bits of paper, fortunately, it was good so I showed to my brother he appreciated and from that day I started writing.

3) How do you decide which book to read next?

I love reading books, I don’t judge any book by its cover. Whenever I find any exhibition or sale or any bookstore, I used to go there and start looking for different varieties. Otherwise, Amazon is the best to grab books of every kind.

4) What’s your favorite kind of blog post to read?

One of my friends told a  good reader is a good writer and when you start to develop that habit you will be curious to read more and more so I read different kinds of writing stuff.

5) What’s your favorite kind of blog post to write?

Basically, I love to write poetry in all the verse but I don’t want to limit myself, so  I keep on trying other forms as well.

6) Is there a book you wish you’d never read?

That would be insane to say that. I don’t want to judge such.

7) Do you prefer to do your book shopping and browsing online or in a bookshop?

As I mentioned in my previous answer, I love both depending upon my requirements if I want a good collection at a cheap rate I go for online or if I want any particular then I go to the bookshop. Bookshops are another hopping place for me.

8) What’s your all-time favorite book?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho & The Secret by Rhonda-Byrne. I can read these two anytime.

9) What’s your favorite comfort food?

Home cooked food is most comfort food. It can be anything(Veg)

10) If you were writing a book, what would it be about?

I would definitely love to do so, I will do someday, it would be a Poetic form.

11) Which book character do you hate to love & love to hate?

Every character in a book in their own terms are good, its nothing as such specific for me.

 Nominees for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD are:-



Abhijith Padmakumar

Ravindra Nayak


Pooja Mohanty


Shreya Sukrity




Here are my questions for the nominated bloggers:

1. Does writing energize or exhaust you? Reason in your own terms

2. What was your hardest time when you started writing?

3. What are you reading currently?

4. What is your all-time favorite book?

5. Who is an ideal reader?

6. What kind of writing do you prefer to write?

7. From where did you get ideas on writing?

8. Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

9. What do you love most about blogging?

10. What is your greatest inspiration in life?

11. What are your goals for your blog?

Shout-out to all the amazing and inspiring bloggers out there.

Keep going your good work.

Happy writing! 🙂 🙂 🙂










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I am an Engineer by profession,. I am an art lover loves to paint, read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books. I love to spend my time writing scribbles, poems, doodling with words whenever and wherever I can. I am also a MUSICOPHILE. Music is something which I enjoy all the time. It brings positive vibes to work. I enjoy spending my me time mostly reading books, eating chocolates and of course watching Netflix :p. My kind of writing mostly include poems, scribble, short verse. So that's me :) Happy reading!!

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