NAPPILY EVER AFTER_A tale of an obsessed lady


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 Here today I have really something to say and discuss. Recently I have seen one show “Nappily Ever After” and I really like this show. It is inspired by the same novel written by Trisha R Thomas.

Moving forward to describe the story, let me ask a question,

How many of you are self-obsessed with yourselves??

Don’t get confused with self-love and self-obsession. Both are different. But, self-centered and self-obsessed more or less is the same thing and are particular traits of a human being which forces themselves to concentrate only on oneself.

This is an American genre based on the story of a young black woman who dedicated her life for perfection who is self-obsessed with her hair so much that she began losing her identity.

Let’s see how 🙂

She is successful in her life, working as an advertising executive. Grown up in an environment where she has to be perfect in all walks of life. She has curly hair from her childhood, her mom who is peculiar about her hair so much that she used do every sort of things to make her hair straight, she is not allowed to go out to play in rain, not allowed to swim, every time whenever she goes out she has to be careful. Her mom before going to her bed used to do so much, that her curls vanish the very next day.

After growing up she follows the same trend, she becomes more conscious, whatever the effort it takes, how much the amount it requires she does every sort of things to make her hair look straight and perfect. She is having a boyfriend who she has been for 2 years. The birthday month is here, she is busy with the preparations and expecting her boyfriend to propose on her birthday. She has a gang of two more friends with whom she used to party and share her kinda things, she told them about being proposed. She did every sort of things to look perfect, she is more than perfectionism. On that occasion, she did the best styling for her hair, best dress she wore. She threw a grand party.

But, what happened her expectation of getting proposed broke her heart, she felt despair. Because instead of this she got a dog. She argued with him and this led to their turmoil breakup. Her boyfriend told her he doesn’t really know her as she is too perfect for him, she can’t enjoy things with him because of her appearance. She does not behave or sound like a normal lady, always giving herself importance that really cares whereabout his existence.

She felt very bad, party crashed, heart broke, she was helpless, on her way back home hair got damaged because rain spoiled her hair, the day was not in favor, she went parlor and some mishap happened, she lost huge amount of her hair because of some wrong bottle of shampoo/conditioner used. After seeing her self she felt devasted. She called her mom and told do something without bothering about anything as she wants her hair back, for the timing her mom did something so that it does not look horrible. At her office also she lost an important account of her work. She lost her job also.

With anger and high temperament she went and had her hair blonde which again goes wrong. She then realizes her hair has been a symbol of her not living life as she really wants to. She ran home and shaved her hair, horrified with what she had done she felt bad, her confidence of being perfect was made herself down she wrapped her shaved hair, on one side she felt relief on other she has that thinking what others will think.

The owner of the salon surprised to see her hair but he didn’t speak a single word which makes herself feel low. She started dating him and befriend with his little daughter, his daughter was caught in the mall while she was hiding a dress and running away from the shop. This lady saw her and rescued her, and made her understood that she really did wrong. His daughter started liking her company and the dress which she stole was gifted to her by the lady, She started living her life lively. She removed her scarf which she used once to hide her shaved hair. However, she still struggles to be herself completely. She started regaining her hair

After that, her boyfriend back again and felt happy for her that she becomes whom he wanted to be with. He introduced with his parents and proposed for an engagement party. She felt happy to get the proposal. On the day of the engagement ceremony, her boyfriend asked her to straighten her hair. But she realizes she is still trying to be who he wants rather than who she wants. She jumped to the pool she felt the mistake she did should not be repeated again. She felt happy, relief. All the young lady, couples over there dipped into the pool. Seeing people happy and her parents happy she felt rejoice.

She reunites with the owner of the salon, pitching an ad campaign for his hair care products that seek to encourage women to see their natural hair as beautiful.


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Do read or watch and comment below what you guys think about it.

Happy reading! 🙂 🙂 🙂



P.S. I cannot believe still we are doing so many things, In this day and age, we’re still talking about the pecking order of whether your hair is straight or it’s long or even the color of your skin. Does it really matter at all? We are whom we wanted to be not to showcase ourselves for others. We really do not need to be self-obsessed to achieve happiness. We have to follow our own path of self-acceptance.

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